From: Brian Buhrow (
Date: Sun Mar 05 1995 - 12:55:29 PST

        The San Jose Mercury News, San Jose California, has a web site on which
they publish selected parts of today's paper. My understanding is that
this will become a pay-to-use service in a month or so. Currently, their
service is extremely usable with the lynx web client. It is not clear to
me whether or not they will require paying customers to use NetScape, a
graphical web client, or not. I know that they plan to use Net Scape
Communications' server to try and implement the pay-to-use features. I
would like to encourage everyone who has an interest in using this service
via lynx, to check out the site and to then write to the webmaster
<> explaining their desire to use the service
via lynx, or, some other text-based web client.
The URL for the newspaper itself is:


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