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Planned giving takes place when a contributor decides to leave a substantial gift to charity. It means planning as you would for any substantial purchase-a house, college tuition, or a car. The most common forms of planned giving are wills and life insurance policies. There are also several planned giving options through which you can simultaneously give a substantial contribution to the National Federation of the Blind, obtain a tax deduction, and receive lifetime income now or in the future. For more information write or call:

National Federation of the Blind of California
Special Gifts
175 East Olive Avenue, Suite 308
Burbank, California 91502

Phone: (818) 558-6524
Fax: (818) 729-7930

Nancy Burns, Editor
Nancy Burns
Pat Munson, Associate Editor
Pat Munson
Associate Editor
Sonya Garcia, Associate Editor
Sonya Garcia
Associate Editor
Linda Rapka, Layout Editor
Linda Rapka
Layout Editor

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