New Publication: High Expectations

As noted in the previous Journal, the NFBC has approached the issue of Braille literacy from several directions. Braille Is Beautiful workshops for parents of blind children have been presented and well received. These intensive, daylong workshops have provided parents with instruction on the Braille alphabet, the use of the slate and stylus, and advocacy skills for their children.

As a result of these workshops it was believed that a newsletter to parents of blind children in California would be helpful. The first issue of "High Expectations" was mailed in September of 2003. This newsletter addressed issues of Braille literacy relevant to California residents. This newsletter is available in addition to "Future Reflections," published by the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.

If you are a parent, educator or otherwise interested in the education of blind children, you may receive "High Expectations." Simply contact the NFBC headquarters.

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